The GrOven concept was born over 25 years ago from the love of wood fired barbecue cooking and the 40 year engineering and manufacturing mind of Jim Blomberg, Inventor of the GrOven.
Inspired by the Portuguese offset wood fire cooking witnessed in the Delta around the greater Sacramento area, the GrOven, with patented Flame Control, provides live wood fire cooking with complete control, that even allows the user and friends to enjoy the ambiance of cooking by the campfire. The overarching mission of GrOven Grills is Jim Blomberg's commitment to be the users advocate and the commitment of a users success is our success! Every detail with the GrOven has been considered around the main goals of highest quality, highest performance, and ease of use will taming real live wood fire.  The end results of sticking to our mission is that you can cook anything in a GrOven that you can with your indoor oven, or your outdoor barbecue, grill, smoker, and even the best wood fired pizza oven with ease and confidence!

Wood Fire Grill... Wood Fire Oven... Wood Fire GrOven!                                                                                                               VIDEO FROM THE ORIGINAL GROVENATOR... In His Own Words