CLARK CUNNINGHAM- Chef, Oenologist, GrOvenator

Founding Chef Member - The Kitchen Collective - Napa, CA

Vintner and Proprietor - Clark's Vineyards

The GrOven is simply a masterclass in culinary obsession. As a student of the culinary arts, BBQ aficionado, and an oenologist, I am completely enamored with tools and techniques that raise the bar for quality and consistency in food and wine. One such tool that epitomizes this is the GrOven. I happened upon the unit at a home and garden show and immediately was impressed by the design, quality, engineering and approach the owner took in developing the product. As someone who is acutely aware of how difficult it is to bring products successfully to market, this is no small feat.

I decided to purchase the GrOven to see what it was all about. Once received, I immediately went to work putting the unit through its paces. Wood fired pizza…check. Grilled rib-eyes…check. Carne asada over the open flame…yes sir. Grilled chicken wings…of course! How about all in the same day? Not a problem. The flexibility of this device is completely unmatched. Real wood fire, amazing temperature control and thermal management, all the benefits of an oven, grill AND smoker in one device. I have a LONG history of bbq device ownership, with award winning results. I’ve owned so many products over the years it’s hard to keep track! Various kettle cookers, offset smokers, oil drum homemade smokers, chest smokers, pit smokers, grills (both charcoal, gas, wood)…basically anything I could get my hands on. Since the arrival, they all look longingly at the GrOven hoping to get some air time. Not likely.

 I’ve been blessed to have cooked in some amazing commercial kitchens over the years, and personally manned some incredibly impressive pizza ovens that ranged from 10-45k dollars. The GrOven sits on par, and bests most of these units. You want 700 degrees on the plate for a perfect crust marguerite pizza? No issues here….oh, and by the way you can do at least 3 at once and still have enough room to grill some sausages, cast iron some scampi and carbon steel pan fry some gnocchi for appetizers while you’re waiting. It’s effortless in it’s simplicity, unmatched in it’s flexibility and an amazing value, considering you’d have to spend thousands more on individual devices, and still not be able to replicate the quality, consistent and repeatable results of the GrOven.

Grab a glass of your favorite vino (I’ll have suggestions if you need them), fire up the GrOven, and whip yourself into a wood fired frenzy as you embark on your journey. It’s sure to be a very fun ride! 

AMIL FORMOLI - Chef, Restaurateur, GrOvenator

Owner: Formoli's Bistro, Solomon's Delicatessen
"I don’t think there is enough I can say about the GrOven, except that this spectacular unit is an absolute must for any chef or serious cook at home. For me, open flame cooking is the pinnacle of all cooking methods as it truly brings out cooking at its most primal form. This unit is the tool which can help teach any level cook, from chef to home cook, to become better at their craft. I’ve been a professional chef for the last 20 years and I will absolutely say this is one of the best units on the market, period! I recommend this to anyone and everyone who has a passion for cooking; it will truly change the way you think about outdoor cooking!”