• The MARKHOR Wood Fire Edition The G.O.A.T. Has Arrived

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Controlling the flame, heat, and smoke of a real wood fire is now PATENTED and easy to use!


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MASON WONG - Restauranteur, Chef, GrOvenator

Owner:  Cafeteria 15L, Iron Horse Tavern, Firestone Public House, MaJong's Asian Diner, Mas Taco Bar

"I didn’t appreciate cooking with wood until I purchased the GrOven. I always thought it was the marinade and cooking techniques of my chefs that gave the meat so much flavor. Then I realized it was the wood. The flavors you get from grilling with wood are second to none. No gas bbq, charcoal, or pellets can replicate the many penetrating flavors from the many aromas of real wood. Recently, my buddies asked me what my secret seasoning was as they devoured 16-ounce ribeyes. I told them, the secret is in the wood and the GrOven. Being in the restaurant business, I’m very particular of any dish or entrée tasting the best that it can. When it comes to my meat, the GrOven puts out flavors you might experience in high-end steak houses.”

Clark Cunningham - Chef, Oenologist, GrOvenator

Founding Chef Member - The Kitchen Collective - Napa, CA

Vintner and Proprietor - Clark's Vineyards

The GrOven is simply a masterclass in culinary obsession. As a student of the culinary arts, BBQ aficionado, and an oenologist, I am completely enamored with tools and techniques that raise the bar for quality and consistency in food and wine. One such tool that epitomizes this is the GrOven. I happened upon the unit at a home and garden show and immediately was impressed by the design, quality, engineering and approach the owner took in developing the product. As someone who is acutely aware of how difficult it is to bring products successfully to market, this is no small feat. I decided to purchase the GrOven to see what it was all about. Once received, I immediately went to work putting the unit through its paces. Wood fired pizza…check. Grilled rib-eyes…check. Carne asada over the open flame…yes sir. Grilled chicken wings…of course! How about all in the same day? Not a problem.........

...GrOven Testimonials Continued...